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      2. Jiangsu Tiankang Food Co., Ltd.
        Jiangsu Tiankang Food Co., Ltd.
        Jiangsu Tiankang Food Co., Ltd.

        ABOUT US

        Jiangsu Tiankang food company founded in 1996, has been painstaking research Production of Dehydrated Vegetables, dedicated to the manufacture of high quality dehydrated food, determined to become the world's leading dehydrated vegetable supplier Tiankang developed relying on agriculture and food processing enterprises, the use of local natural resource advantages, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, combined with years of production experience and constantly develop new varieties. Now the company has passed ISO9001, IS022000, Kosher QS,the FDA certification.

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        28 Jul

        How dried vegetables process?

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        11 Jul

        Electron Accelerated Irradiation For Dehydrated Food

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        23 Jun

        Analysis of the current market situation of dehydrated vegetables

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